Pupils home in Moshe Gada

In Kwara State there are a lot of rural areas. In one of these areas, Kaiama Local Government, they are now building teacher housing. Most teachers who work in these rural areas don’t live their, which means that during the week they need to stay overnight at the school community. In collaboration with the community, ESSPIN now supports the construction of houses closer to the school. These houses are made for the teachers to live in. This increases the commitment, preparation time and attendance of these teachers.

Moshi Gada is a special project. Aside the teachers housing they also plan to build a house for the pupils. These pupils are currently sleeping in the school. They only go back to their community and family during the holiday periods. During the semester they will stay at the school.

The environment for these pupils is very bad at the moment. They need to sleep on the floor of their classroom. If they are lucky the teachers will provide them with some food. The rest of the time the children need to look after each other. Of course this needs to change and it can be changed.

The building will contain 2 floors; one will be for the teachers, the other for the pupils. There will be two separate rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. The rooms will have bunk beds and cupboards. In the kitchen there will be a big cabinet to keep the pupils food stocks.

Foetsie foundation will donate these bunk beds and cupboards, designed and made by a local carpenter. Aside from that, we want to look into the opportunities of creating a playground area for the pupils. This allows the pupils to play outside during and after school.

On the pictures you see the scale model of the house that is going to be build. The other picture shows the already excisting teacher house in Nassarawa Gatte, Kaiama Local Government.

If you are already interested in donating for this project, please go to “friends” page.