More school bags!!!

Last December was a milestone for Foetsie Foundation!! Two of our Nigerian friends, very much involved with the foundation, went out to some schools to deliver more school bags to the pupils. Of course they went out on their own, since both Stefan and I were in the Netherlands, which was very exciting for them and us!

After day one, I received some very enthusiastic messages from both of them, informing us that they really enjoyed the distribution and were looking forward to the next day!


They were able to distribute another 300 bags to pupils in 6 different schools! The schools were picked by them, using the criteria we always use when selecting schools for the distribution.

They made us very proud after showing the pictures! The schools chosen were small, remote and with a lot of challenges, which made them perfect candidates to benefit from the foundation.

A big "Thanks" goes out to Joseph and Tunji!! It feels good to know you are continuing the work of Foetsie Foundation on your own!! Hopefully more donations will follow to continue these great trips and help even more pupils!!!