First distribution of playground materials

We finally started to distribute the playground materials. We have developed swings and see saws for 11 schools in the Ilorin area. All pictures will speak for them self!! In the next 3 weeks we will complete the installation at the other schools and will add some more pictures to the website.

A big thanks goes out to Manon Visser and Jelmer Bouman for their donation for 5 schools! As you see on the pictures the schools are well aware of the contribution of Jelmer and Manon by officially handing over the signboard with their names, for community members to remember them!



Also another big thank you to all the pupils of Primary school De Schelf for their donation of last year! Aside from the Moshe Gada playground area and some of the bunk beds, their donations reaches so many more of our goals! Part of the money is used for 6 schools to install swings and see saws at their compound for all the pupils to play with during break time. Still the money is not finished!!! The remaining donation will be used to donated bags and purses to pupils in rural schools.



If you want to see more pictures of this great event, go the the photo page!