Our Nigerian Support

Aside all the help in the Netherlands we could never have done all of this without our Nigerian support!! Their own financial situation may not allow them to support in the way our Dutch friend can, but the way they have helped us produce the materials, distribute the materials, select suitable schools and contact the school,  capture all in beautiful pictures and just sharing the excitement with us during the school visits is even as valuable. Without their help and support we would never been able to let the Foetsie projects grow as big as it has!!


Tunji; thank you for helping produce all the materials and the never ending support you have given to all the “un-Nigerian” ideas we have had!!! You and your family have been so lovely for us!! 


Dare; thanks a lot for all your help with the playground materials, following up on the progress and supporting us during the visits!


Odofin; thanks for your help in organizing the visits, contacting the right people and sharing the excitement and translations during the visits

Joseph; our overall supporter!! Thanks so much for taking all these beautiful pictures, driving us to all the schools, sharing our work on facebook and helping during the distribution of all materials. Your excitement and support means a lot for us!


 And even though he's not Nigerian, but an international working in Nigeria: Haidar Hammoud, C.E.O. of Duravil Engineering LTD. Thank you so much for supporting us with the distribution of the playground material. Without the donation to use of your truck and your staff free of charge, we would not have been able to bring all these materials to all the school in one day. You saved us so much time and money and we are very gratefull for that!


Building a Nigerian support group as Friends of Foetsie will allow us to keep on supporting Nigerian children in school. These friends have showed us that even though we are about to leave Kwara State, they will keep on supporting Foetsie projects, which means the world to us!!!