Wonderful nights for Moche Gada pupils

Thursday 23rd January was the big day!!!! The opening and official commissioning of the Moche Gada teachers and pupil house. Before the official opening there were lots of speeches by ESSPIN, the LGEA and State partners about their achievements for pupils in Kwara State. And ofcourse Foetsie had to speech as well...... Somewhat puzzled I took the opportunity to explain the goal of our foundation and the work we do. I also took time to explain who is responsible for all these generous donations. We have to thank all our families, friends, former co workers and other interested people in our foundation for their donations. Their money goes directly to the children in kwara State, Nigeria. I am proud to say that in my opinion the applause they gave to me was the best, specially because all children showed their appreciation as well!! And that is why we put as much effort as possible in the foundation and make these project a succes. The pupils of Moche Gada now know, who has donated their playground and beds, and they appreciate it very much!!


After all the speeches the children of Moche Gada Primary school demonstrated how ESSPINs program impact on the way the teachers teach their lesson presently. It was a lot of fun to see how the children showed the use of songs, games, different teaching aids and groupwork. These are some of the focuspoints of our teacher development program!!

And then........ it was time to open the house officially. Together with the pupils we entered the house and marked all the beds with a special sign, so that they always will be remembered about the donators of their own bed. Some of the children even tried to read the signs, which I thought was quiet impressive. All pupils picked out a favorite bed and we took some pictures to send to the Netherlands!! In that way we can show our family, friends and donators what we have done with their donations.


On our photo page you will find many more pictures of this great event. In the newsletter you will also find more information about this and all the other projects we do with the foundation. Our impact gets more clear every day and we are proud to see how much we can contribute to the lives of these children. There are even people who come to the ESSPIN office now and request for donations on their projects, and eventhough we are a small foundation, we will try to do our best and reach as much children as possible!!Thanks to all of you who support our work!! Withour all your help we can not make this happen!!