Playground in Moshe Gada

At the end of October, beginning of November, we visited Kaiama again to see the development of the dormitory and to visit the carpenter to see how far he got on with the playground materials, bunkbeds and cupboards.

The dormitory is almost finished, all the walls are plastred and the roof is completely covered. In the next 2 weeks all walls will be painted and the electricity and water will be connected to the house. 

The carpenter finished the playground materials and is ready to deliver and install them as soon as possible. Great, how about Friday 2nd of November??


All said and done, Friday 2nd of November was the big day. The installation of the Mochi Gada playground. The carpenter started early in the morning to start the installation. When we arrived in the afternoon he finished almost all the materials already. Together with the SBMC and the communityleaders we went round all the materials to explain them about the use and maintanence of the materials. Following that we had a small talk about the special donation Miranda's former Primary school "de Schelf" from the Netherlands did to Foetsie Foundation. After that, it was time for words of appreciation from the SBMC and the community. So once again; Primary school "de Schelf" from the Netherlands, many many thanks to all of you for your generous donation! Aside the playground in Mochi Gada we can donate so much more to other schools in Kwara State, Nigeria.


After the talk with the SBMC it was time for the children to explore the playground materials. What a great experience that was!! All the children wanted to play and try out the materials at the same time. We guided the children a little bit in how to organise in taking turns, but still most of them were a little bit overwhelmed with all the different materials. The teachers suggested for the first couple of weeks to go outside during break with only 2 classes at a time to let the children get used to all the material. Ofcourse, we could only encourage that idea!!!


In 3 weeks time, when the house is completely finished, we will visit the school again to deliver the bunkbeds and cupboards. We are looking forward to see the final result, with nice painted walls and beds for the pupils to sleep in. After that it will be ready for the children and teachers to live in!! We hope that it will be a great experience for the children and it will improve their development in the school and will make their times after school a litlle bit more fun!