Bunk beds for Moshe Gada

Finally it’s going to happen!!! Soon they will start building the dormitory in Moshi Gada. Due to some technical challenges and some challenges with the community the start of constructing the building was delayed. Fortunately the community has now decided to support the project and will donate sand and water which we need for the construction. ESSPIN expect the communities to support the project by donating materials. In this way ESSPIN believes that the community will be more involved in the project which helps them to release the children from any work they do and allow them to go to school. In some communities they need more encouragement than in the other.

In the second week of September they will start building the dormitory. Most of the time, after starting a project, it will be finished in no time. So the moment has come for Foetsie Foundation to start acting on the donation of the bunk beds and lockers for the pupils. If all goes according to plan the house will have two big rooms, 1 for boys and 1 for girls. Each room will provide 6 bunk beds for 12 pupils. Every room will also have 2 locked cupboards for pupils to keep their belongings in. Foetsie Foundation wants to donate these bunk beds and cupboards. The only way of making this happen is through your generous donations.

Would you , as a friend of Foetsie Foundation, want to be co responsible for a good night sleep for these pupils, please act now and donate for one of the bunk beds. A bunk bed including mattress and sheets for 2 pupils will cost 100 euro. The beds will be made by a local carpenter. For the foundation the use of local labour is one of the key priorities in providing materials. By using the local workers we strengthen the system in providing more income which allows more children to go to school.

Donating money for only half a bunk bed is of course also more than welcome!!

So........please donate a place to sleep for 2 pupils for only 100 euro’s or a locked cupboard for only 90 euro’s.

On the donated bunk beds we will attach a metal sign that shows, not only the Foetsie logo, but also the name of the person who donated the bunk bed.

Would you like to support Foetsie Foundation in realising this project? Then go to our ´Friends` page. Please mention your name and where you want us to spend your donation on when you donate into our account. Thanks a lot!!!