Information about Foetsie

Foetsie foundation: chances for children, is established in 2012 to give children better chances in life. The foundation supports schoolchildren, events, programs and individuals with the aim to give children the chance of a better and more enjoyable life. This can be done by supporting local initiatives, donations of school- and learning materials, teacher training or school support programmes.

The foundation aims to use, whenever possible, local organisations and companies in their projects whenever there is a need for development and/ or production of materials.

At this moment we live in Kwara State, Nigeria and are volunteers at a DFID programme called ESSPIN (Education Sector Support Programme In Nigeria) to develop the educational system in the State. This means our focus is on the children of Nigeria.

If you are interested in the work that we are doing at this moment you can look at our “projects” page.
If you are interested in making a donation for our foundation you can look at our “Friends” page.