Donated Banners

Banners sponsored by G & W Libra

G & W Libra has sponsored four beautiful banners, so Foetsie foundation can be clearly represented at every event. At the Charity Run in 's-Gravendeel they were used for the first time successfully. (See the next report)

Thank you!


June 26th 2013: Charity Run by primary school De Schelf in ‘s Gravendeel, Netherlands, for Foetsie foundation

‘De Schelf’ in 's-Gravendeel, the school where Miranda was a pupil years ago, held a charity Run during “straatspeeldag” on June 26th. Half of the proceeds would be donated to Foetsie foundation. The Charity Run was organized by the PTA of ‘De Schelf’.

All pupils (Nursery and Primary 1- 6) have tried to get as much sponsor money as possible together in advance. With interest of many parents, grandfathers, grandmothers and other interested parties all these children did their best to run as many laps as possible. The youngest pupils did so under the guidance of the primary 6 pupils.

Some boys were dressed up in a very special way. They had lost a bet with the girls about who would get the most sponsor money together. The girls won the bet and the boys were dressed up by the girls as return on the lost bet.

After the Charity run, the Principal of ‘De Schelf’ handed a check with a stunning amount to the President of Foetsie Foundation. The children of ‘De Schelf’ had had raised an amount of 3,000 euros for Foetsie Foundation. What a fantastic achievement! Thank you very much!

Stefan and Miranda can do a lot with it in Nigeria, as the President said in his acceptance speech.

The foundation will also keep ‘De Schelf’ abreast of what is achieved with this money.